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The debut of China Exim Bank financial bonds on the exchange market further has diversified market interest rate bond varieties of SZSE and is of great significance to enhancing the exchange bond market's ability to serve the Belt and Road Initiative and real economy. So far, SZSE's bond market has covered all development and policy banks. SZSE takes index seriously. It focuses on building a multi-level index system with "SZSE Component Index + SZSE 100 Index and ChiNext Index" (1+2) as the core, gives full play to the representative and leading role of SZSE core index in China's new economy, promotes the building of an international index brand, forms a group of overseas fund products of index, and guides overseas institutions to allocate quality assets in SZSE. In the future, in accordance with the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC)’s overall deployment on the opening up of the capital market, SZSE will make full use of its own functions, advantages and features as a platform, give full play to the leading role of capital market cooperation between China and Malaysia,
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